Non-invasive ultrasonic level gauge for Chlorine storage tank

Level and point level measurement in Chlorine storage tanks
chlorine level sensor


The Non-invasive ultrasonic level gauge level sensor transmitter provides reliable continuous level measurement of chlorine or sodium hypochlorite in tank applications.The production and storage of chlorine gas place high demands on the chemistry and diffusion resistance of the materials in the production equipment. Extensive process knowledge and experience are required when selecting sealing materials. In fact, it is decisive for the long-term, safe and profitable operation of the plant. Since the process can only be interrupted at great cost and plant disruption, the reliability of the instrumentation is a top priority.

Process data

Measuring task Level measurement and point level detection
Measuring point Tank
Measuring range 15 m
Process temperature -40 … +80 °C
Special challenges Extremely aggressive and permeable media

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