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Radar level chip
80GHz radar level dedicated chip make you get a chance to handle any application, no matter the medium to be measured is liquid, solid, hot, cold, dangerous or corrosive. You no longer need to choose the correct model from many different options, just determine the operating parameters and process conditions, and we can customize a suitable instrument for you.

Advantage about chip

  • low cost radar chips

    Low Cost

  • radar chips

    Independent Research

  • radar chip

    Controllable Technology

  • radar chips

    Great Market Potential

Breaking The Chip Road of International Monopoly

Our country is one of the largest chip consumer markets in the world, and there is a huge demand for imported chips.However, since the decline in Sino-US trade relations, a large number of general-purpose chips have been restricted or even banned from entering the China mainland by Europe and the United States, resulting in restrictions on the production of Chinese chip companies and hindering the supply chain.In order to break the monopoly of foreign products, Shengke Electronics has started to develop millimeter-wave radar measurement technology since 2019. The research platform is mainly based on the vehicle-mounted millimeter-wave radar chip. Our core team breaks through itself, dares to innovate, and dares to challenge. At present, it has completed product development and testing.
80GHz Radar Chip
80GHz Radar Chip
80GHz Radar Chip