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About SKE

National High-tech Enterprise

Founded in 2013, Shaanxi ShengKe Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.(SKE) is a high-tech enterprise and integrated circuit company specializing in research, design, manufacture and sales of optimal level measurement and control solutions for chemical, water and wastewater treatment, oil and dry solids applications. SKE concentrates on research of 80Ghz millimeter wave radar & sonar technology. And applied these innovative measurement technology to the field of industrial automation control, which ensures maximum safety and reliability.

For now, the two-wire non-contact ultrasonic liquid level sensors, non invasive ultrasonic point level switches, non-contact ultrasonic oil level meters, non-contact ultrasonic pipeline switches, 80Ghz Radar level sensors, 80Ghz radar solid level gauges and other products are used in various industries, and their performance are excellent.

With a great number of R&D researchers and engineers from well-known universities and companies, SKE is committed to become a leading company in automation sensors and instruments, also play an indispensable role in the world measurement instrument industries.

SKE established a sub-brand "SinoSK" in 2022 mainly to focus on research&design, manufacture and market of integrated 80G millimeter-wave radar chip sensors. Since sound partnership has been established with many world-wide companies, SKE sets up a Singapore branch at the same period to meet global customers' increasing market needs.

National High-tech Enterprise

SKE focuses on the theoretical research of ultrasonic technology and millimeter radar wave technology,actively explores and applies the technology to the field of industrial automation control.

What do we do?

SKE designs, manufactures and markets measuring sensors, millimeter wave radar chips, millimeter wave power amplifiers, low-noise amplifier chips and ARM chips for sensors based on ultrasonic and electromagnetic wave principles.
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Our promise

Foucs on the promise of "honesty, professionalism, innovation, service , and create high-quality products", absorb new ideas, and strictly control quality.

SKE provides every customer with a full range of services such as measurement solutions, installation guidance, and life-long maintenance. We have established stable partnerships with many well-known brand companies, and entered the international market as well.

Participated the OTC exhibition in Houston, USA
SKE launches a new brand "SinoSK", at the same time, Anhui ShengKe Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (SKEIC) became a part of SKE.
80GHz radar level sensor was developed successfully by SKE, becoming one of the few instrument companies in China that fully masters the core technology.
Obtaining a credit evaluation certificate and becoming a core supplier of Sinopec.
Non-invasive level measurement technology applied to the field of nuclear power
The portable oil level sensor for transformer oil tank applied to the power distribution and transformation industry.
SKE rated as a national high-tech enterprise
A supplier of Sinopec
A qualified supplier of PetroChina
The first successful development of dual-probe surface-mounted liquid level switches.
The non-invasive level sensor was successfully applied in the 98% concentrated sulfuric acid storage tank.
Ultrasonic liquid level sensor with the two-wire system was successfully developed.
SKE was established