Oil conservator in transformer

Level measurement for oil conservator in transformer
Oil conservator in transformer


The traditional oil level sensor (pointer type, glass tube type) used to measure the liquid level of the transformer oil conservator often cuauses inaccurate measurement and false oil due to the blockage of the breathing tube, poor sealing of the valve, rupture of the bellows, and jamming of the track. In severe cases, it will cause transformer failure due to poor heat dissipation of the transformer.
The special oil conservator liquid level transmitter developed by SKE adopts non-contact measurement, and the measurement can be completed by pasting the probe on the bottom of the oil conservator. The installation is simple and the measurement is reliable.

Process data

Measuring task Level measurement for oil conservator
Measuring point Tank bottom
Medium viscosity <10 mPa·S
Process temperature -20 ... +70 ℃
Measuring range up to 5 m
Special challenges Complex working conditions

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