Keep on going, SKE went to California to participate in the Sensors Converge 2024, one of the world's top three sensor exhibitions!

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From June 24th to 26th local time, Sensors Converge 2024, North America's largest and most professional sensor and test & measurement exhibition, known as the "global sensor weather vane", grandly opened at the Santa Clara Convention Center in California.
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Covering the technologies and applications that are driving smart sensor innovation into the era of sustainable living, this year's Sensors Converge has evolved from an event focused solely on sensor technology to a much larger and more diverse event. 
With the development of China's sensor industry, more and more leading companies are going out to participate in the competition in the global sensor market. In June, SKE was invited to head to California again to make a wonderful appearance at the American Sensor Industry Exhibition, one of the world's three largest sensor exhibitions. With the development of China's sensor industry, more and more leading companies are leaving China to participate in the global sensor market competition. In the scorching summer of June, SKE was invited to visit California again and made an exciting appearance at one of the world's three major sensor exhibitions, the US Sensor Industry Exhibition.

Those who can reach the top must be those who work tirelessly. After careful preparations such as polishing the exhibition samples, optimizing the booth design, and updating the display methods of key products, colleagues from the Overseas Trade Department of SKE confidently promoted our core products to visitors during the exhibition. 

At the exhibition site, the booth of SKE was crowded with visitors, they stopped to watch products and consult from our sales manager. New and old customers from the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, India, Chile, the United Kingdom, Italy and other countries & regions came to discuss cooperation and exchange industry information.
SKE focuses on the research, development, production and sales of a new generation of ultrasonic sensors, 80Ghz radars and other high-frequency radar sensor series products. Its products and businesses are spread over more than 20 countries and regions, serving more than 100 customers worldwide. SKE was invited to participate in this world's most influential industrial exhibition, bringing many smart sensors and solutions in the field of industrial automation.

The exhibited products mainly include 80Ghz millimeter wave radar liquid/level sensors, external ultrasonic liquid level sensors, non-invasive level gauge, non-contact ultrasonic liquid level switches, ship-specific liquid level switches, etc., which are widely used in petrochemical, water conservancy and hydropower, hydrological ships, intelligent transportation and other industries. The products independently developed by our company are suitable for various complex working conditions. They have stable performance, high measurement accuracy, and accurate wave-form data, and have won numerous recognitions and praises in the industry. During this exhibition, our company has made great efforts to provide visitors with the best environment for viewing and negotiating, fully demonstrated the strength of SKE in sensor technology innovation and product development, further enhanced the company's brand image, strengthened exchanges and communication with overseas customers, and is conducive to opening up a larger share of overseas markets.
Dear leaders, customers, colleagues, and dear friends of SKE, thank you for your long-term support and love for our company. Our company attaches great importance to the opportunity of every exhibition to discuss with you the new technologies and new trends in the ultrasonic and radar sensor industry in the field of industrial automation. In the future, our company will continue to uphold technological innovation, quality first, deepen the strategy of brand expansion, and actively provide strong support for the intelligence and automation of global industrial production.