80GHz millimeter wave radar water level detection module, with detection accuracy of millimeter level.

Release date:2024年04月01日 Article author:SKE Reading quantity:93

Millimeter wave radar refers to a radar sensor that operates in the millimeter wave frequency band. As a high-frequency product in the radar series, millimeter wave radar has basic characteristics such as wide frequency band, short wavelength, and high atmospheric propagation loss. Millimeter wave radar is a high-precision sensor that measures the relative distance, velocity, and orientation of the measured object. It was early applied in the military field and has significant practical advantages.
The advantages of 80G millimeter wave radar ranging include high accuracy, anti-interference, all-weather and all-time, high-resolution multi-target, high sensitivity, low false alarms, high frequency and low power, and the ability to measure speed and distance.
The 80GHz millimeter wave radar module developed by SKE is a non-contact liquid level detection sensor in the 80G frequency band. The professional water level monitoring radar module has a measurement range of up to 30 meters, a measurement accuracy of ± 2mm, high precision, low power consumption, cost-effective, simple testing, widely used.

SKE has designed a specialized radar detection module for hydrological detection. This module adopts FMCW mode, non-contact installation design, compact size, and compact structure. High precision, low power consumption, strong anti-interference ability, suitable for water level monitoring in lakes, rivers, flash floods, reservoirs, sewage pipelines, and other areas.

*Error ±2mm, millimeter-level accuracy

SK-R800W/WS/L water level monitoring radar module detection accuracy can be up to millimeter level, detection error in ±2mm, resolution 1mm, startup time 100ms.

The module's high detection accuracy, low error, fast data acquisition & updating, and fast startup can be well used for water level detection of various liquids.

*Simple testing with high cost-effectiveness

The radar module supports FMCW modulation mode, supports Hart and Modbus outputs, provides product manuals, user manuals, and technical support, and can quickly test and verify product performance. Meanwhile, the module supports serial firmware upgrades, making development simple and easy to use.

The module has high performance, strong anti-interference ability, long sensing distance, accurate measurement, no need for personnel on duty, no mechanical wear, non-contact measurement, long service life, and easy maintenance.

The product is mainly used for water level measurement in scenarios such as lakes, rivers, flash floods, reservoirs, and sewage pipelines. In addition, the module can also be used for the detection of non-metallic liquids, as well as distance measurement of objects, and so on. Module plug and play, which can be flexibly applied to different intelligent scenarios according to user needs.