Wonderful moments! SKE invites you to review the 2024 Guangzhou SPS Exhibition.

Release date:2024年03月12日 Article author:SKE Reading quantity:551

As China's most influential industrial automation technology and equipment exhibition, SPS2024 gathered more than 700 exhibitors both in China and abroad, providing comprehensive information for the industrial automation industry to understand products, innovative technologies and industry development trends.
At this exhibition, SKE focused on displaying company culture and products. Through careful layout, exhibition space optimization, and updated product display methods.  It provided visitors with the best exhibition,negotiation and communication environment, further enhancing the company’s brand image, strengthening the exchange and communication with key industry customers, and is conducive to mining a larger share of market opportunities.

SKE displayed the most cutting-edge products, technical solutions and a series of rich practical cases in industrial automation technology. In particular, the company's self-developed two-wire external liquid level meter, external boundary level meter, external oil level meter, external liquid level switch, external multi-point switch, external pipeline switch, 80Ghz radar level sensor, ultrasonic level transmitter and comprehensive measurement solutions attracted a large number of customers to visit and negotiate.

After 14 years of accumulation and development, SPS Guangzhou has become an important sourcing platform for the manufacturing industry in South China. The exhibition focuses on the latest achievements and solutions in the fields of level control technology, electrical drive and motion control, sensing technology, connection technology, industrial communication, human-machine interface devices, industrial software and information technology, and mechanical infrastructure, etc. It meets the needs of many industries, such as mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, packaging and printing, automotive engineering, 3C consumer electronics, household appliances, new energy and so on.