Congratulations! A new batch of new sensor transmitters will be shipped to Latin America soon.

Release date:2024年06月11日 Article author:SKE Reading quantity:130

Congratulations! Our Latin American customer has signed a new order with us. Quality first and on-time fulfillment!
Under the favorable environment of the Office of the Provincial People's Government to support enterprises to develop the international market, in the first half of 2024, our company actively consolidate the traditional market share in Europe, America and South Asia, and increase the development of Latin America, Russia, Central Asia, RCEP member countries and Africa and other markets, and deepen the construction of the “Belt and Road” countries with the economic and trade cooperation.

Chang'an is in the early summer, and our colleague's pace is moving busy. With the close cooperation and efforts of all departments early this month, our company has successfully won a large order from a Latin American client. Through the early proofing and communication and coordination, this batch of the latest level instruments and sensors has been fully prepared and will soon be delivered to Latin American customers.

This batch of products is equipped with the latest version of CMOS process 76~81GHz highly integrated radar chip independently developed by our company. The chip integrates radar transceiver front end, MCU, coupler and AIP antenna. The high integration and low cost make this chip widely used in economical radar level meters and other industrial and civil fields.
The two gallium arsenide (GaAs) process RF transceiver front-end chips developed by our company, 76~81GHz and 92-96GH, have greatly increased the transmission power (12dBm increased to 18dBm), reduced the noise factor (12dB reduced to 4.5dB), and greatly improved the radar front-end signal quality compared to traditional CMOS process radar transceiver chips.

Facing the uncertainty and potential challenges of international trade in the current international market, SKE will seize the opportunity to utilize the favorable conditions of independent research and development and independent production, actively cultivate new formats and new advantages, and continue to optimize and upgrade core products and transform businesses. Shengke people are always on the road to deeply participate in the global value chain and industrial chain, and expand economic and trade cooperation around the world to a larger scope and wider fields.