Anhydrous ammonia storage tank

Level measurement and point level detection in the anhydrous ammonia storage tank
Anhydrous ammonia storage tank


During the sulfur removal process, nitrogen is converted into ammonia through a water washing process, which is sold for fertilizer production. Strict environmental restrictions and high hazards make it absolutely necessary to ensure safe control of ammonia levels during handling. LPG tank ammonia , chlorine and OMCVD. Non-invasive level gauge for LPG fuel mobile tank.

Process data

Measuring task Level measurement and point level monitoring
Measuring point Bullet
Measuring range up to 20m
Medium Anhydrous ammonia
Process temperature -30 … +15 °C
Process pressure +3 … +10 bar
Dielectric constant 2.8 Non-polar substances
Special challenges Density affected by temperature, and gas-liquid conversion is serious


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