"You are cordially invited!" Welcome to meet us at the 2024 IEEE PES T&D Conference &Exposition

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Time:May 7-9, 2024
Place:Anaheim, California, USA

U.S. International Power Transmission and Distribution Equipment and Technology Exhibition (IEEE PES T&D) is hosted by the American Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), started in 1964, held every two years, which has become the largest, fastest-growing, and most professional international exhibition in the power transmission and distribution industry in the world. 

The exhibition showcases the achievements of power transmission and distribution equipment manufacturing and energy and power research, and is an effective international communication platform to promote the development of energy and power science and technology innovation, leading the global energy and power technology trend and direction also.

It is reported that the last Exhibition had 660 exhibitors from more than 60 countries, with a total exhibition area of 206,000 square feet, attracting more than 9,800 professional visitors. The exhibition is one of the most important platforms connecting global power transmission and distribution equipment manufacturing, technology applications and international trade. The exhibition is the best choice for power grid companies to enter the United States and even North America.

Since the Texas blackout in February 2021, a number of U.S. research institutions have conducted studies on improving grid reliability, proposing different solutions to the U.S. grid's problems of aging infrastructure and poor distribution system reliability. 2021 The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) rated the U.S. energy system a "C-" grade, deeming the grid system particularly vulnerable, and noted problems with the U.S. grid in a report that found its power supply to be reliant on a complex patchwork of aging generating facilities.

SKE is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the R&D, production and sales of new generation ultrasonic and radar products. The products and business cover more than 20 countries and regions, serving more than 100 customers around the world. 

At present, the company has developed two-wire non-invasive liquid level sensor, non-invasive boundary level sensor, non-invasive oil level sensor, non-invasive liquid level switch, non-invasive multi-point switch, non-invasive pipeline switch, 80GHz radar liquid level sensor, which are widely used in a variety of industries. 

In order to solve the problems of traditional oil level sensor in transformer oil conservators, such as low measurement accuracy and inability to display data online, SKEIC specially developed a series of special oil level gauge products, such as portable rod-type oil level sensor and smart fixed oil level sensor.
Introduction to SKEIC's special oil level sensor solution for transformers in the power industry: This solution adopts the principle of ultrasonic measurement and uses a magnetic suction probe to achieve instant use. It can be used with solar panels to work outdoors for a long time to obtain oil level information, getting rid of the traditional measurement method of observing the oil level roughly only.

The traditional way of oil conservator level detection is time-consuming and labor costly. While this fixed dedicated oil level sensor developed by SKEIC can obtain accurate oil level information at any time without opening the oil conservator. 
SKE invites you to visit our booth in Anaheim to discuss the latest technologies and developments in the field of ultrasonic and radar sensors for industrial automation, and to establish contact and cooperation with professionals and customers from all over the world.