Let's Meet in Santa Clara! Exhibition preview | Sensors Converge 2024

Release date:2024年05月29日 Article author:SKE Reading quantity:338

Welcome to SKEIC Booth #737, June 24-26, 2024, Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA.
The American International Sensors Exhibition started 38 years ago and it is the largest and most professional sensor and technology exhibition in North America. It brings together the elites of the global sensor industry to establish exchanges, share ideas and define the future development path of the sensor industry. Also, the exhibition brings together most of the sensor manufacturers and traders in Asia, Europe and the United States, and attracts a large number of buyers and professionals every year. 

According to the latest research report from Freedonia Group, the US sensor market is expected to increase by 6.7% annually, reaching a total market value of $13.4 billion. Sensor products investigated by Freedonia include sensors, transmitters, and related rack products. The research company believes that the factors that stimulate growth are the economic recovery of mature application industries such as process control, industrial machinery, and traditional automatic control design. This will stimulate the demand for various types of sensors: including sensors that measure process variables (temperature, pressure, liquid level, flow), etc.

As a new generation of ultrasonic, 80Ghz and 92Ghz radar sensor series products of R&D, production, sales of high-tech enterprises, SKE is engaged in level measurement sensing instruments for many years, dedicated to the sonar technology and millimeter-wave radar technology research, and actively apply the technology to the field of industrial automation control.

The CMOS process 76~81GHz highly integrated radar chip developed by SKE has been mass-produced. The chip integrates radar transceiver front-end, MCU, coupler and AIP antenna, which is highly integrated and low-cost, which enables the chip being widely used in economic radar level sensors and other industrial and civil fields.
Compared with traditional CMOS process radar transceiver chips, the two gallium arsenide (GaAs) process RF transceiver front-end chips self-developed by our company, 76~81GHz and 92-96GH, have greatly increased the transmission power (12dBm increased to 18dBm) and reduced the noise factor (12dB reduced to 4.5dB) , in this case the radar front-end signal quality is greatly improved.

This conference is a showcase of sensor integration and innovation, we will be in Santa Clara with colleagues and friends worldwide to discuss the radar and ultrasonic sensors industry's new technology and new developments, in the purpose of establish a broader and more solid partnerships, and jointly promote the development of ultrasonic and radar sensors industry! Welcome to visit our booth #737 in Santa Clara, we're well-prepared to head to the United States, see you in California in June!