Field testing of open channel with radar level transmitter

Release date:2023年05月31日 Article author:SKE Reading quantity:377

    To ensure that the radar level sensor shipped out serves customers better, our technical staffs conducted on-site monitoring of the radar level transmitter again before products shipment to India.

    As above attached picture, the current version of the radar level sensor for channel, The distance from water surfaces within 30m.

   The 80G radar level transmitter uses frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) technology to emit continuous waves with varying frequencies during the scanning period. The echo reflected by the object has a certain frequency difference from the transmitted signal. By measuring the frequency difference, distance information between the target and the radar can be obtained. The radar level transmitter can not only measure liquid levels, but also measure bulk solid material levels (including powder). It has good applications in different storage tanks, such as process tanks (silos), reaction tanks, static tanks, dome tanks, flat top tanks, spherical tanks, horizontal tanks, waveguide pipes, bypass pipes, and tanks with agitators.