Congratulations! SKE Completed 1st-round Cooperation with a Hubei High-tech Enterprise!

Release date:2024年02月27日 Article author:SKE Reading quantity:213

Recently, the two-wire external radar liquid level meters independently developed and produced by our company were shipped to the Hubei partner, they were installed in the horizontal tank project of the company's silicon tetra-chloride product. The debugging has been completed and is in good operating condition, showing a high measure performance and stability.

Radar Level measurement of chlorine storage containers

During the preparation & production of chemicals, chlorine places high demands on chemical stability and diffusion resistance. The selection of sealing materials requires rich experience and a high understanding of the process. This plays a decisive role in determining the long-term functionality and economical operation of the plant. Unavoidably, the process often has to be interrupted at a high cost, therefore the reliability of the measuring instrument is particularly important.

When measuring liquids that are toxic, corrosive, pressurized, flammable, explosive, volatile, and leaky, since the measuring probe and instrument are outside the container, so the installation, repair, and maintenance operations do not come into contact with the liquid and gas in the tank. Which is very safe, won’t pollute the environment, so it is a green and environmentally friendly instrument.

External liquid level gauge uses sonar ranging principle, from the outside of the container (bottom) to measure the level of liquid inside the container, the gauge achieves a completely isolation measurement. This 80Ghz radar liquid level gauge breaks the traditional installation method of open tank contact and realizes truly non-contact measurement of the liquid level in a closed container. The sonar sensor (probe) is installed just below (bottom) the outer wall of the container under test. There is no need to drill holes in the container under test. It is easy to install and can be installed without stopping production. It can accurately measure the liquid level of various toxic substances, strong acids, strong alkali and various pure liquids in high-temperature and high-pressure sealed containers. The externally mounted liquid level gauge has no special requirements for the material of the container, and adopts an explosion-proof design to meet explosion-proof requirements and can be widely used.