Confirmed! SKE invites you to meet at Hannover Messe 2024 in Germany!

Release date:2024年03月07日 Article author:SKE Reading quantity:609

The annual Hannover Messe 2024 will be held on April 22-26 in Hannover, Germany. SKE confirms its participation in the exhibition and will bring its popular products such as level meters, level switches and comprehensive measurement solutions to the world's industrial stage, and it is reported that more than 1,000 Chinese companies have already signed up for the exhibition.

The Hannover Messe is known as the "world's barometer of industrial development". This year's fair, under the theme of "Energizing Sustainable Industrial Development, focuses on the latest products and trends in Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence, 5G, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Energy Supply.

As a high-tech enterprise that develops, produces and sells a new generation of ultrasonic and radar products, SKE has been deeply involved in the measurement of liquid level, material level and interface level for many years. It has devoted itself to the research of sonar technology and millimeter radar wave technology, and actively explores new technologies. Also, SKE applies millimeter radar wave technology to the field of industrial automation control to make every measurement person's work safer, more convenient and more efficient.

For Chinese companies, Hannover Messe has become an important platform for companies to explore overseas markets. According to reports, the Chinese companies that signed up to participate in the exhibition this year come from Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Shanghai, Beijing, Shanxi, Sichuan, Shaanxi and other places, and there are a large number of leading companies in the industry. They will bring high-end automation equipment, energy system solutions, intelligent robots, hydrogen fuel cells, etc. to this "world industrial stage."

The two-wire external liquid level meter, external boundary level meter, external oil level meter, external liquid level switch, external multi-point switch, external pipeline switch, 80Ghz radar liquid level meter, 80Ghz radar level meter, etc. independently developed by SKE are used in many industries, and their performance reaches the international leading level, among which the two-wire external liquid level meter is a top product industry worldwide.

More and more leading Chinese companies are appearing on the world industrial stage, and everyone is integrating into the international market with a positive attitude. Compared with the early trade pattern of simply exporting orders, Chinese companies are now paying more attention to participating in the co-construction of the global industrial chain, exploring the global market and shaping the international influence of their brands.