How to Check Propane Tank Level by External-Mounted Gauge

Release date:2023年04月27日 Article author:SKE Reading quantity:1013

    The propane tank level measurement has often been fulfilled through the level indicators, which come with the propane tanks system. The glass window and float gauge is the most common type, that appears among the propane plant or small gas filling stations.

    These gauges has to contact with propane liquid inside. There are risks of damage due to prolonged use. The propane tank is a pressure vessel, empty tank process is unavoidable during instruments replacement or maintenance. It will obviously bring both time and price cost.

    In addition, when it comes to trade transportation or process control, those level gauges fail to give accurate and remote readings.

    By applying the Non-invasive level gauge, those problems would be well-solved.

    Externally mounted sensor: 

    SKE Non-invasive level gauges are designed to offer a simple, accurate, rapid, and reliable method of propane tank level measurement.

    It features a truly non-invasive sensing technique. When the magnetic probe is bonded to the bottom shell of the tank, an ultrasonic sound wave travels through the tank and reflects back from the media surface. The system calculates the height of the liquid, from the time taken for the signal to be received.

    Installation and maintenance would be made under normal operation, no shutdown or empty tank required.

    Local Digital Reading (Level and Ratio%) + Remote data transmission.

    The non-invasive level gauge offers accurate digital levels, not vague percentages or estimates.

    Data could be transmitted to your PC or control system. Through the curve diagram, it is convenient for checking your propane storage or production situation.

    An application cases from our clients in Mexico, non-invasive level gauge finally solve their requests on propane tank level measurement.

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