Best Propane Tank Level Gauge

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Propane Tank Level Gauge

    Since stored propane is in liquid form, it will requires a Propane Tank Level Gauge for showcasing how much fuel is remaining. The most common type of propane tank level indicator are Float and Rotary,  it reflects the percentage of your tank’s capacity.

Float Type Level Gauge

    A propane tank float gauge consists of moving parts located both inside the tank and outside. At the end of the stem is the float that rises and falls with the level of the propane in the tank.

    The float gauge only provides an approximate tank percentage and cannot be considered 100% reliable. The fixed liquid level gauge is utilized for filling. Tanks with float gauges measure the volume of the tank as a percentage of the total capacity of the container. As mentioned above, the float gauge is not a fully reliable instrument for measuring tank volume. Float gauges have numerous moving parts that are subject to wear and tear and can also become ineffective in any part of the assembly. If the gauge needs replacement, the propane tank must be empty.


Rotary Type Level Gauge

    Rotary gauges can be used on stationary or mobile tanks to visually indicate the amount of LP-Gas in the container. They are also used in filling the tank to the proper liquid level.

    The gauge is operated by opening the small bleed orifice when the tube is in the vapor space of the tank. Moving the pointer on the dial causes the end of the tube to move until it contacts liquid in the container. At the point, discharge from the bleed orifice turns from vapor to liquid and the rotary gauges dial gives the volume percentage of liquid in the tank.


Non-invasive Level Gauge

    Both gauges above are not a fully reliable instrument for measuring tank level/volume. Meanwhile, when the gauge requires to replace or repair, empty tank is unavoidable which will bring cost on price and time.

    SKE here brings up an unique type which is called: Non-invasive Sensing tech.

    Non-invasive level gauge support up to 35 meters. By bonding the probe sensor to the bottom shell of the propane tank, it fulfill the real-time level display.

    This reliable and accurate tank gauge(mm accuracy) is never affected by pressure/temp, keeps well operated during discharge or inlet; easy installation – no tank break-in; simple retrofit to existing tanks; no downtime during installation; and no moving parts, therefore no maintenance.

    Below is the application case on LPG tank,  in Brazil.